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Hanover Customs Brokerage has over 40 years experience to help ensure that you get your imported goods into Canada. On Point & On Time.
Hanover Customs Brokerage
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Hello. We are Hanover Customs Brokerage.

Hanover Customs Brokerage was established in 1974. The previous owner found a need for this business since there were no customs brokers in the area. The town of Hanover was, in fact, a port with a customs officer in town and an airport. There was a transportation company located in the industrial park within Hanover with a bonded warehouse which further proved the logic to offer this service. The start of Hanover Customs Brokerage is unique in that the owner had established a travel agency 11 years prior and the two businesses continue to operate out of the same location complimenting each other’s services and clients.

“We have been dealing with Tracey at Hanover Customs for many years and know that we can always rely on them so we never have any delays or issues at the border. They are very professional and thorough.”

-TTK Transport, Goderich

“The Hanover Customs team provides us with excellent service and handle our customs needs without and hesitation. They have an important role in our business and would highly recommend them to anyone else.”

-Robert’s Farm Equipment, Chelsea/Lucknow/Mount Forest

“Larsen & Shaw has partnered with Hanover Customs for over 40 years and have enjoyed their support and expertise.”

-Larsen & Shaw, Walkerton

“We enjoy working with Hanover Customs for all our cross-border needs. I would recommend them to anyone in need of brokerage services.”

-Huron Feeding Systems, Brussels

Here's How We Can Work Together

Our Services

Direct Reporting to CBSA

We communicate electronically with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) ensuring all goods are reported accurately and in a timely manner.  Our expertise allows for more opportunities to reduce duties, by including certificates of origin, which puts in place best practices to avoid penalties and reduce compliance risk.

GST and Other Taxes Paid on Your Behalf

To save you time, and to help provide further assurance that your imported goods come as scheduled, we can pay GST and other taxes and fees for you. No holdups, no hassles.

Assistance with Permits

We can help you fill out any type of documents needed for importing goods to Canada. From NAFTA to CBSA forms and any permits in-between, we can help you fill these out accurately to ensure complete compliance.

We Prepare and Verify Documentation

Our expertise allows for more opportunities to reduce duties, by including certificates of origin, which puts in place best practices to avoid penalties and reduce compliance risk. Because of our diligence we can request/review NAFTAS for accuracy in eliminating duties where applicable.

Direct Filing with USA’s Automated Export System (AES)

We always strive to bring our clients imported goods to Canada, on point and on time. Our team can file directly with AES and give 72 hour notification to USA customs prior to the importation of your commercial self propelled vehicles.


The HCB Team

Our experienced team can help ensure that your commercial imported goods will cross the border with accuracy and efficiency bundled in an attentive and friendly customer service experience.

Customs Clerk

Tracey Schlorff

Tracey has been with Hanover Customs Brokerage for over 19 years assisting clients with all of their commercial importation needs. She is dedicated to customer service ensuring all shipments are handled efficiently and precisely.

Licensed Broker

Gail Burgess

Gail has been employed with Hanover Customs Brokerage as our licensed broker for over 18 years but has been in the customs brokerage business for over 40 years bringing with her invaluable experience and knowledge.


Bonnie Shewfelt

Bonnie was the previous owner of both Hanover Customs Brokerage and Hanover TravelPlus which was established by her mother and father in 1963 and 1974 respectively. Bonnie has since retired and has passed off ownership & management to Peter and Tracey.


Peter Vanderheyden

Peter supports and guides Hanover Customs Brokerage in continuing to provide the very best to all our clients and future clients.

Useful Resources

Useful forms and links to websites to help you understand the importation process better.


Canada Services Border Agency (CBSA)

To get a full sense of what to expect when importing your goods, there’s no better place to go than to the organization that helps regulate it.  

CBSA Customs Tariffs

A good place to begin when trying to find the most up to date information on Customs Tariffs. 

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

If you’re importing food items, this is good place to understand the rules and regulations. 

Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) 

Bringing a vehicle back into Canada? Everything you need to know is at this website in order to make that happen. 


Canada Customs Invoice

If you’re bringing commercial goods into Canada, you’re going to want to start with this standard form.

Download this Form
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

NAFTA forms are often required when shipping internationally between North American countries to allow your shipment to pass through customs more easily.

Download this Form

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